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  • Memes

    We are wild
    Americana, exotica, do you wanna feel a little beautiful, baby?- Young Valcones, Fall Out Boy

    If I paint my sins white
    Will it make me pure again?
    If I wet my mascara eyes
    Will the witness be my friend?- Television, Natalia Kills

    Random acts of mindlessness
    Commonplace occurrences
    Chances and surprises
    Another state of consciousness- Show me love, t.A.T.u

    Gonna sell my car and go to Vegas
    'Cause somebody told me
    That's where dreams would be Vegas, Sara Bareilles

    She, she is the words that I can't find
    How can the only thing that's killing me make me feel so alive? She (For Liz), Parachute

    This reckless violation, tarnishing my reputation
    Has left me nothing kind to say Nevermind, The Birthday Massacre

    Let our history repeat itself one too many times
    For every time we return to our scene
    It seems less like a crime Again again again, Blaqk Audio

    To all the kids with heroin eyes
    Don't do it, don't do it
    Because it's not, not what it seems
    No, no it's not, not what it seems Salvation, The Cranberries

    Burn down the disco
    Hang the blessed DJ
    Because the music that they constantly play
    It says nothing to me about my life Panic, The Smiths

    Cool art

    “Feminism...is not 'women as victims' but women refusing to be victims.” - Gloria Steinem, The Trouble with Rich Women
    “Status is treacherous for women: in patriarchies, it is always a trade-off for freedom.” - Marilyn French, From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women in the World, Vol. 1